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Suggested cruise from our Douelle base on the upper River Lot

One week round trip from Douelle

Douelle - Luzech - Cregois round trip

From Douelle travel west to Luzech, the last Gallic town to hold out against Caesar. Back east, you cannot miss the silhouette of 7th century Mercuès castle with its restaurant. Cruising to Cahors, famous for its wine, you'll find the 14th century Valentré bridge, a stunning structure with three towers. At Arcambal sample La Biere d'Olt at a traditional brewery close to the river. Perched on its cliff is the village of St Cirq Lapopie, its honey coloured houses with little red roofs, craftsmen, artists, and cafes. Cycle to the famous Pech-Merle caves, close to Caberets, and marvel at the prehistoric drawings and remarkable stalagamites.

128km 28 locks 27hrs round trip cruising time

Please note that hours suggested above are approximate. There are no lock keepers in this area, but locks are easy to operate. This region is recommended for people with some boating experience since rains in the mountains can affect river flow.

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