Boat Holidays in France - Camargue

Camargue Boat Hire Map

Barge holidays from Latte base in the Camargue

From Cap d’Agde to the Camargue, only a thin strip of white sand separates the Mediterranean from the canals and lagoons that you cruise through.

Pink flamingoes, white horses, and the wild black bulls are the well known features of the Camargue landscape. Cruises through the Camargue are all virtually lock-free.

Starting from Lattes, on the outskirts of Montpellier, you will cruise close to the Mediterranean beaches, in an area of amazing bird, animal and plant life. Enjoy the bathing at Palavas les Flots. At the edge of the sand and the sea stands the Cathedral of Maguelonne, while in the seaport of Sète canals crisscross the picturesque old town.

The Base of Argens
Beaucaire Medieval Fortress

On the Bassin (Etang) de Thau you follow the Canal du Midi through the middle of oyster beds to arrive at Agde, originally founded by the ancient Greeks. Make the most of the beaches before crossing the Etang de Thau to reach its little ports and oysterbeds.

From Lattes you can head instead along the Canal du Rhône à Sète: proudly rising above the lagoons and salt flats of the Midi is the ancient walled town of Aigues Mortes, the port from which the Crusaders set sail.

This is a fascinating place to visit, with boat moorings just outside the city wall. In the “Petite” Camargue you can visit the typical fishing village of Le Grau du Roi, Saintes-Maries de- la-Mer, the splendid abbey church of St-Gilles and Beaucaire with its great keep looking down on a maze of medieval alleys.

Our base at Lattes welcomes you all year round, so you can enjoy the marvellous weather of the South of France on board a boat even in winter and over the New Year.

View Penichette Cruising Routes from Lattes Base

Penichette Cruising Routes
in Camargue


1 week:

Argens - Le Sommail - Sete - Frontignan - Aigues-Mortes - Lattes

185 km, 16 locks, 4 h / day.

10/11 Days:

Lattes - Aigues-Mortes - Frontignan - Sete - Beziers - Narbonne - Argens

218 km, 38 locks, 3 h 30 / day.

2 Weeks:

Lattes - Aigues-Mortes - Frontignan - Sete - Beziers - Carcassonne - Castelnaudary - Negra

310 km, 65 locks, 4 h 30 / day.

The above cruises operate in either direction


1 Week:

Lattes - Frontignan - Sete - Marseillan - Agde

170 km, 7 locks, 4 h / day.

Lattes - Aigues-Mortes - Beaucaire - Forques (Arles) - Mas-des-Baumelles (Saintes Maries de la Mer)

160 km, 4 locks, 3 h 30 / day.

10/11 Days:

Lattes - Aigues - Mortes - Frontignan - Sete - Agde - Beziers

217 km, 14 locks, 3 h 30 / day.

2 Weeks:

Lattes - Aigues-Mortes - Frontignan - Sete - Agde - Beziers - Argens

379 km, 54 locks, 4 h / day.