Boat Holidays in France - Burgundy East: Vosges, Franche-Comte, South Burgundy

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East Burgundy Boat Hire Map
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Barge holidays from St Léger, Loisy or Scey-sur-Saone bases and Europa boat holidays from Scey-sur-Saone base

Go south from St Leger-sur-Dheune and Chalon-sur-Saône is an essential stop. This traditional Burgundy town is noted for its history and fine food. Tournus, another picturesque medieval town, marks the frontier to a different landscape, with its Mediterranean feel.

After Tournus, you turn off onto the River Seille for a journey into the heart of the countryside. This intimate waterway twists and turns past delightful Bresse villages before reaching Louhans.

Canal de Bourgogne with a Penichette
Ray Sur Saone

A select band of fishermen and boaters have already discovered the River Seille, and now we offer a one-way base at Loisy, in an area designated as being of outstanding natural interest for its fauna, flora and ecology.

Cruising the Canal du Centre from St Leger-sur-Dheune you pass through some of the most renowned vineyards of the Cote Chalonnaise. Along the misting valley of the Dheune sparkle the varnished tile roofs of charming villages.

At the foot of the Cote Chalonnaise are world-famous wine producing villages: Mercurey, Santenay with its 13th century church of St Jean de Naroise standing amid the vines, Montrachet, synonymous with fine whites, and Rully with its 12th century castle.

The Saone is one of France's most attractive rivers, with few locks, rural scenery, and generously proportioned farmhouses, their windowboxes pretty with flowers. Enjoy the well-preserved villages in the Maconnais and the Dole region.

Penichettes on canal in Burgundy

Climbing north from Scey-sur-Saone on the Canal des Vosges through the forests of the Vosges you cruise through an amphitheatre of ash, silver birch and other trees. The towns of Fontenoy-le-Chateau and Epinal are both well worth a visit.

Going south from Scey-sur-Saone, take the Canal du Rhone au Rhin from Dole to Besancon. It follows the course of the River Doubs past rocky cliffs and between wooded slopes.

To arrive in Besancon is truly dramatic. A tunnel 394m long allows you to pass right underneath the great fortress built by Vauban in the 17th century and to make a complete circuit of the city by water.

This part of France is a paradise for fishing - in the lakes, rivers and canals are carp, eel, pike, zander and even giant catfish.

View Penichette and Europa Cruising Routes in Burgundy East

Penichette Cruising Routes
in Vosges


1 week:

St Leger - Chagny - Chalon - Tournus - Louhans - Loisy

131 km, 23 locks, 3 h 30 / day.

2 Weeks:

St Leger - Chalon - Seurre - Verdun - Chalon - Tournus - Louhans - Loisy

266 km, 27 locks, 3 h 30 / day.

The above cruises operate in either direction


1 Week:

St Leger - Monceau-les-Mines - Paray-le-Monial

138 km, 82 locks, 5 h 15 / day.

St Leger - Chagny - Chalon - Tournus - Louhans

218 km, 40 locks, 5 h / day.

Scey-sur-Saone - Gray - Pontailler - Auxonne

202 km, 26 locks, 5 h / day.

Scey-sur-Saone - Port-sur-Saone - Corre - Fontenoy

136 km, 34 locks, 4 h 30 / day.

10/11 Days:

St Leger - Chagny - Verdun - St Jean-de-Losne

196 km, 42 locks, 5 h / day.

Scey-sur-Saone - Gray - Auxonne - Dole

260 km, 46 locks, 5 h / day.

2 Weeks:

St Leger - Chagny - Chalon - Seurre - Dole - Besancon

339 km, 86 locks, 5 h / day.

Scey-sur-Saone - Gray - Seurre - Tournus - Louhans

484 km, 41 locks, 5 h 15 / day.

Scey-sur-Saone - Gray - Dole - Besancon

382 km, 94 locks, 5 h 30 / day.