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Base Information

Suggested cruises from Le Mas d'Agenais or Castelsarrasin, our two cruiser bases in Aquitaine

One week one-way cruise from Le Mas d'Agenais or Castelsarrasin

Le Mas D'Ageniais - Castelsarrasin or vice versa one-way trip

Canal de Garonne - Tarn

Enjoy a cruise on the Canal de Garonne and the River Tarn to or from our new base at Castelsarrasin. Famous works of art by Rembrandt, Sisley and Goya can be found in the ancient Bastide towns that line the route. See amazing architecture and cross the stunning arched aqueduct at Cacor outside Moissac, famous for its 14th century cloisters and abbey. See the strange inclined plane lift on the canal at Montech and enjoy stunning views from the 11th century bridge over the river at Montauban. At Castelsarrasin is the colourful regional market.

146km 57 locks 29hr one way cruising time

One week round trip from Le Mas d'Agenais

Le Mas D'Agenais - Condom round trip

Canal de Garonne - Baise

Climb the narrow streets of Meilan, a village perched on a huge rock and you will enjoy a magnificent view over the Marmande Valley. Then return to the Baise on the edge of Albret. At Buzet try the local wine, a heady red. Then head for Gascony via beautiful Vianne, then Barbaste with its 10 arched Romanesque bridge, and Nerac. Then scale the staircase to the town, turn for some fine views over the canal, enjoy a meal by the water's edge. Reach your return point at Condom, the home of Armagnac.

124km 44 locks 32hr round trip cruising time

Saint Pierre Bridge over Toulouse
Canal de Garonne in Moissac

Le Mas D'Agenais - Moissac - Nerac round trip

Canal de Garonne - Baise

Historic walled villages are dotted along the Canal de Garonne. Take a break in Agen then perhaps cycle through Valence d'Agen, a stunning 'bastide' town before heading for Moissac with its magnificent cloisters. Cruise back to the Baise and to Nerac, gorgeous capital of the Albret region.

184km 52 locks 45hr round trip cruising time

Le Mas D'Agenais - Moissac round trip

93km 36 locks 30hr round trip cruising time

One week round trip from Castelsarrasin

Castelsarrasin - Buzet-sur-Baise round trip

160km 44 locks 32 hr round trip cruising time

Short Break Trips

Le Mas D'Agenais - Nerac short break round trip

80km 240 locks 19 hr round trip cruising time

Castelsarrasin - Valance d'Agen short break round trip

50km 24 locks 14 hr round trip cruising time

Please note that hours suggested above are approximate. If you wish to cruise on the River Lot towards Castelmoron you will need to cross the River Garonne under the guidance of a pilot. There is a small charge for this, but it may not be possible during periods of flood or drought.