France Boating Holidays - Aquitaine

Le Mas d'Agenais Base

An old Roman town Le Mas D’Agenais is full of history. Make a stop on the Saint- Jacques de Compostelle way where this area has played a huge part in the historical change of the country. The Mas d’Agenais was lost and gained several times during the crusades against the Albigeois People, and was under English possession during the 100-year war. It then became French again and Catholic, taken by Admiral Coligny.

Our base offers showers, toilets, and parking. Parking in the open air is free of charge. Enclosed parking without surveillance is available at a charge of €28 per week. Parking in a covered and enclosed garage costs €41 per week.

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Base Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday: 9.00am to 12.30pm and 2.00pm to 5.30pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Late Arrivals

If you are going to be arriving at the base late, you will need to inform the base directly.

When you arrive at the base there will be a note on the reception door informing you where your boat is. The boat will be left open with the lights on for you to stay on board that night. The base staff will do the full briefing the following morning.

When To Arrive:

Your boat will be ready to depart for 16:00 - 18:00. We recommend that you arrive 60 minutes earlier for check-in and instructions.

If you have booked an Early Check-in Service, please arrive at the base ready to depart between 11am and 12pm or from 2pm.

Your Return

Your boat should be returned and unoccupied by 9am on your last cruising day (or by midday if you have booked a Late Check-out).

Hotels and Restaurants


Hotel Des Fleurs - Tonneins - +33 (0) 553 79 10 47
Hotel Castel Ferron - Tonneins - +33 (0) 553 84 59 99
Hotel Campanile - Marmande - +33 (0) 553 94 39 80
Hotel Le Capricorne - Marmande - +33 (0) 553 64 16 14
Hotel Ibis - Agen - +33 (0) 553 47 43 43
Hotel Regina - Agen - +33 (0) 553 14 07 97
Hotel Château Des Jacobins - Agen - +33 (0) 553 47 03 31


Auberge Du Lion D’Or - Marmande - +33 (0) 553 64 21 30
Chez Angèle - Agen - +33 (0) 553 66 60 24
China Town - Agen - +33 (0) 553 66 17 18
Le Chaudron - Agen - +33 (0) 553 47 23 00
La Malmaison - Agen - +33 (0) 553 47 25 46

Super Market

The nearest supermarket can be found in Tonneins or Marmande, 15 kms from the base. They open at 09.00 to 08.00 every day, but are closed on Sunday. In the town surrounding the base, you can find lots of shops, including a butcher, baker, bank and grocers. These shops are open everyday, apart from Sunday morning. On Monday, you find only the baker and the grocer open.

Fruit and Veg

A local producer is able to deliver locally grown vegetables
for the start of your trip if you order more than 24h in advance.

Transport Information

By Road:

Be Prepared

It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with local road rules and abide by them. Most European countries have a list of compulsory equipment that you must take with you. For example, there is a new legal requirement in France to carry a breathalyser, triangle & florescent jacket in your car. For driving advice and a list of the equipment you’ll need, please visit

Take the A 62 motorway as far Agen, then follow the signs to Condom Michelin maps n° 79 and n° 82 will help.

By Air

Closest airports:
Bergerac: 70km
Bordeaux – Merignac: 110km
Toulouse - Blagnac: 180km

By Train

Closest train stations:
There are railway stations at Agen and Condom